About Jeni's Joy

Jeni’s Joy provides comprehensive and personalized gourmet in-home food services with a focus on locally sources, organic, fresh ingredients! Healthy and delicious meals, gourmet soups, and on-the-go healthy breakfast options are personlized to your dietary needs. Check out our Menu section for a product listing including our meal plans, soups, and egg bakes.]

It’s easy to “Choose Joy” for the entire family with Jeni’s Joy Kid Friendly Plans and Jeni’s Joy Puppy Plans.

Jeni’s Joyful menu is available in the greater Hyannis area for delivery and for pick-up at select Barnstable County locations.

Jeni’s Joy Parties are available for personalized in-home farm to table catering events, intimate dinner parties and group events. Jeni’s Joy Lessons provides group class and personalized educational services, including in-home consultations.

The mission of Jeni’s joy is healthy and joyful eating that is convenient, accessible, and affordable to all. Jeni’s Joy is committed to providing healthy and conventient meals for those struggling with the cost of healthy, locally sourced, and organic foods and those with poor access to food. The definition of healthy is different for everyone and impacted by dietary sensitivities, lifestyle, and environment. Jeni’s Joyful Menu has been designed to provide personalization and diverse options that are accessible and affordable to all.

Learn how Jeni’s Joy and her local Cape Cod partners, Jeni’s Joyful Friends, partners, collaborate to address local food shortages and food access issues. Learn more about Jeni’s Joyful Friends and how your order can benefit those struggling with food insecurity.

About Jeni

Jeni Wheeler, the Founder and CEO of Jeni’s Joy, established the company in 2015 with the vision of sharing her joy of food with all.  In parallel to her own personal and transformative journey, Jeni’s Joy has blossomed into a unique business, deeply connected to her personal journey and serving critical nutrition, health and community needs.


Jeni believes in the transformative power of food on health and happiness. Her childhood experiences as a competitive swimmer in a highly body-conscious sport forced her to confront young women’s complex and emotional relationship with food and body image. As an adult, a severe injury resulted in chronic physical injuries necessitating that she redefine her business model.  While adapting to residual disability, Jeni found a way to realize her dream of Jeni’s Joy, while contributing to the under-recognized national health crisis of food insecurity. 


In Jeni’s words:


Jeni’s Joy is and always will be a work in progress –as I constantly adapt to the ever-changing dietary and health needs of the community.


An improved understanding of the central role of nutrition in our overall health has opened everyone’s mind to the role of food in health, fitness, and happiness.  Food impacts everyone’s ability to function, to heal and to recover, particularly for those with food sensitivities and certain health conditions (diabetes, celiac).  I’ve learned the benefits of high quality, healthy food in my own recovery, as a young athlete and as an adult rehabilitating from serious injuries.


So many take food for granted.  When one does not have the resources or access to food, let alone high quality, fresh food, it impacts every aspect of life. Food becomes a point of stress, when food should always bring joy.  I want to share the joy with everyone.


My goal, with the help of an array of community partners, is to end food insecurity on Cape Cod.

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About us

Jeni’s Joy makes prepared meals, soups, and sides using the highest quality ingredients for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle choice, a quick and easy meal, or any lover of great tasting food! We also cater and provide personal chef services!

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